is my car due for an alignment?

It is always good practice to check for an alignment once a year, specially when you get new tires that way you know they won't be wearing down unevenly. You can bring your car for a check up to our shop anytime, no appointment necessary!

contact us for an alignment

here are some signs that your car alignment is off

•Car pulls slightly to one side when driving on a straight line.
•Tires are wearing out a unevenly.
•Tires make a squealing sound.

What can i do to prevent alignment issues

There are a few things we can do to prevent issues, however it is always good to check your car's alignment every 6,000 miles or so to keep good maintenance.
•Always check and maintain good tire pressure.
• Drive carefully. Pot holes, rocks, or uneven roads can cause your wheels to get slightly misaligned.

some signs that say your suspension might need repair

•Your car bounces a lot when driving feeling every bump on the road.
•Car lurches forward when braking suddenly.
•Oily shocks or struts. This is a sign that some fluid is leaking causing the shocks and struts not to work properly.

some tips to prevent big damage to your suspension

•Avoid driving through potholes. And if you do drive slowly holding firmly to the steering wheel to prevent the car from veering to one side. Letting the tires move loosely through a pothole can cause further damage.
•Keep your tires properly inflated.  This helps protect from potholes causing less stress on the suspension.